Mission & Philosophy

CHOICES takes pride in being the primary direct service provider to central Ohio families experiencing domestic violence. Since 1977, we have provided counseling, shelter, crisis intervention, education, and community and legal support and advocacy to central Ohio residents facing domestic violence.


Our agency has also been a leader in Ohio and throughout the country. There were no models for domestic violence programs when CHOICES was created; CHOICES now serves as a model. Of the 72 domestic violence agencies that now exist in Ohio, most have looked to CHOICES’ foundation and experience when developing their programs.


The mission of CHOICES is to interrupt the cycle of domestic violence in this community and advocate for social change.

Philosophy Statement

CHOICES defines domestic violence as physical assault, psychological abuse and/or sexual abuse between adult family members. Domestic violence cuts across all geographic, religious, socio-economic, racial, sex and age barriers. Domestic violence is learned, criminal, generational, cyclical and is correlated with substance abuse. Domestic violence increases in frequency and severity within a relationship yet is not a relationship issue. It is estimated that domestic violence occurs in at least one in four adult relationships in the area CHOICES serves.

We believe:

  • Domestic violence exists and is a problem.
  • No family member deserves to be abused by another family member.
  • No family member has the right to abuse another family member.
  • Everyone has the right to a violence-free household.
  • CHOICES has a responsibility to adult victims of domestic violence.
  • Intervention can help.
  • PRIMARY responsibility for the acts and behaviors of individuals belongs to those individuals.
  • SECONDARY responsibility belongs to society.

Governance and Oversight

The formal governance of CHOICES is provided by the LSS Board of Directors.

Additionally, a CHOICES Advisory Board, which services in support of the LSS Board, offers more direct programmatic support and guidance to CHOICES and LSS including:

  • Advocacy and awareness
  • Promotion of needed services
  • Service performance assessments
  • Program planning
  • Fund development

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