Client Stories

Maria’s Story

Maria needed safe shelter for her and her daughter away from her abusive husband. That’s when she came to CHOICES, where she found safety, security and hope.

Donetta’s Story

Donetta’s husband mentally and physically abused her. She knew she and her kids deserved better. CHOICES was there to help.

Gaining Freedom: Dina’s Story

CHOICES-Mother's-Day-Email-3aThe neighbors had called the police five or six times before, but this time Dina knew it was different. Her boyfriend had broken her foot and she was admitted to the hospital. She was afraid of being in a cast because if she couldn’t run she knew her abuser would kill her. And she was terrified because her two children were left home with him, alone and unprotected.

Desperate, Dina asked a nurse to phone her sister whom she hadn’t spoken to in two years. To Dina’s great relief, her sister came to the hospital. They called the abuser to say the sister was coming for the kids. His response – he laughed. He said he didn’t want the kids and Dina would come back to him because no one would want her and she would have nowhere else to go.

He was wrong. When Dina was discharged from the hospital, her sister took her and her children to the CHOICES shelter, which turned out to be exactly what Dina needed.

After living at the shelter for almost a month, Dina said, “I have a job. I have friends. I smile a lot and even laugh with the other women. People like me and I can’t believe it. He was wrong. I am proud and feel confident. I am enjoying my life. This is freedom.”

Marcus’ Story

Nine-year-old Marcus came to the CHOICES shelter with his mother and two brothers after his father, who had been abusing his mother for many years, choked her and threatened the kids.

At first Marcus didn’t know why they were at the shelter, only that his mother was very sad.

She soon explained to him and his brothers, and while they missed her making their favorite foods and being able to watch all their shows on TV, they were glad their mother said she felt safe. Marcus says he likes the toys at the shelter, playing basketball outside and that there’s no more fighting and yelling.