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Domestic violence is a community issue.  1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will experience it during their lifetime.  This means we all know someone who has been abused either physically, emotionally, psychologically or financially.  You can make a difference in the lives of victims here in Franklin County by supporting the campaign to build a new shelter that will be able to house all who come seeking safety from an abuser.

  Toolkit for Individuals

Invite your friends, neighbors, family and colleagues to gather in an informal setting in your home to learn about the impact that intimate partner violence has on our families and on our community as well as ways we can all help. Register below.

Download this toolkit as a .zip

Campaign Logos and Graphics

Feel free to use these graphics in your materials to help promote the campaign, but please do not modify them in any way.


Campaign Videos

View these videos and share them with others. If hosting an event, they can be shown to attendees. 


Please Register Your Event

Before you get started, please register your event, so we know about the good work you are planning.

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To protect CHOICES, there are some activities that cannot be approved, including those that:

  • involve a professional fundraiser, telemarketer and/or involve an agreement to raise funds on a commission, bonus, or percentage basis;
  • require CHOICES’ endorsement of a product, service or participation in the direct sale of a product or service;
  • compete or conflict with an already established or scheduled event to benefit CHOICES;
  • fail to comply with any municipal, county, state and/or federal laws;
  • involve promotion of a political party, candidate, or appear to endorse a political issue(s);
  • could be considered lewd or outside of CHOICES beliefs.

Because of safety concerns, we do not recommend/support door-to-door collection of donations.

You agree that you will forward to CHOICES one hundred percent (100%) of the contributions raised and agree to comply with all federal, state and local charitable solicitation statutes, regulations and ordinances that affect or apply to you and the fundraising activities outlined.

Questions? Contact Mary Costlow at or 614-429-5484. 

Our Community’s Campaign Champions

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